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Who can be trusted with property?

October 1, 2020


Property Managementincludes a whole range of measures, starting with the formation of a strategy for the operation of the facility with the development of a budget to monitoring safety and labor protection of personnel. He always acts in the interests of the owner. In the course of work, a property manager is in close contact with tenants, contractors, utilities, and regulatory authorities. The tasks of the manager also include organizing the work of technical services to maintain the buildings in working order, their timely repair and maintenance.

Many people mistakenly assume that real estate managers are the same realtors. However, they are wrong. A real estate manager is a versatile specialist: he is an economist, a lawyer, an architect, an ecologist, an appraiser, and a builder all rolled into one person.

The activities of a rental property manager are carried out in three aspects:

  • legal, the essence of which is the most rational use and distribution of rights to real estate;
  • economic, which consists in the effective management of income and expenses during the operation of real estate;
  • technical - constant maintenance of the control object in a working condition.

Depending on the category and level of the property, the professional tasks of the manager can be very different. Before the direct leasing of the property, the manager: organizes an advertising campaign for this object using the media and personal contacts; enters into all the necessary contracts for the maintenance of the facility and controls their implementation. It is very important to organize and control production and economic activities and interact with regulatory authorities. If necessary, the manager should arrange renovation of the facility.

Image by Jörg Hertle from Pixabay

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