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Fifteen Scottish Castles for sale

November 6, 2018


william I scotlandVery little is known of Ermengarde de Beaumont who became Queen of Scotland in 1186 whenever she married the forty-three year old King William We of Scotland, later known as “The Lyon”. She had been plucked regarding obscurity by King Henry II of England because the chosen bride the Scottish King.

Ermengarde was born in 1170, the precise time becoming unknown. The Woman dad ended up being Richard I, Viscount de Beaumont-le-Vicomte along with her mom ended up being Lucie de-l’Aigle. The woman parent ended up being the boy of Constance (or Maud FitzRoy), an illegitimate girl of King Henry I of The united kingdomt. We all know nothing of her early life in France therefore was just whenever she had been discussed as a wife on Scottish King that she comes to light.

William became Earl of Northumberland when his father died in 1152 in which he was nine yrs old. In 1157, his bro, King Malcolm IV of Scotland was able to give away William’s Earldom inside the transactions with King Henry II of England, something that William had been never in a position to forget. William succeeded his brother as king in 1165.

Whenever King Henry II of England’s sons rebelled against their daddy in 1173, William joined up with them. William was grabbed within Battle of Alnwick and ended up being consumed stores to Falaise in Normandy. While William was at captivity, King Henry invaded the north of The united kingdomt and took several Scottish castles, including Berwick and Edinburgh. William had no heir and was concerned about the fate of this Scottish Kings. He had been obligated to negotiate with Henry II. The resulting Treaty of Falaise needed William to swear to King Henry that Scotland could be subordinate to The united kingdomt. During after that fifteen many years, Scotland ended up being susceptible to English guideline.

Henry took his tasks as overlord really really. So really he desired to choose a bride for William. In 1186, William ended up being forty-three and single. William was asking to get married Henry’s granddaughter Matilda, child of Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony. But Henry was not interested in permitting William such a prestigious bride. Instead he find the child of a French nobleman, Ermengarde de Beaumont.


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