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Buying a House Scotland

May 5, 2019


Job quoteWith house costs rising quickly progressively homebuyers are receiving to pay stamp duty land tax, though just what specific price you pay will depend on the home's cost.

This guide is completely updated with present stamp task modifications. Moreover it explains whenever and just how you will need to spend stamp task and, crucially, how much it'll actually be.

Stamp Duty Calculators

The price of stamp task might pay varies according to where in britain you're buying home. The united kingdomt, Wales & Northern Ireland have a similar prices, Scotland makes use of different price bandings.

Click on the relevant loss for where in britain you are purchasing.

What exactly is stamp task?

Stamp task land tax (or Land and Buildings Transaction Tax in Scotland) is a lump-sum income tax that anyone buying a house or land costing significantly more than a group quantity needs to pay. The rate you'll pay the tax at varies based on the cost of the home together with type (we will target residential buildings, without commercial).

Sweeping changes to stamp responsibility were established within the Chancellor's Autumn report in December 2014. Stamp responsibility was reformed - the slab system (in which you'd pay a single price regarding WHOLE home price) has been swept away, plus in its location is a more progressive system.

Underneath the brand-new system, you are going to only pay the rate for the proportion for the residential property that is at that rate. It's very complex, so discover a good example to higher show the modifications:

let`s say you are buying a property for 300, 000.

Old system:

You would have compensated 1% on a residential property between 125, 000 and 250, 000, between 250, 000 and 500, 000 you would spend 3percent. Therefore considering that the cost is over 250, 000, you would have paid 3% regarding the entire purchase price, despite only being 50, 000 over the limit. Therefore, you had have compensated 9, 000 in stamp task.

Brand new system:

You pay absolutely nothing below 125, 000, that is 0
You spend 2per cent on between 125, 000 and 250, 000, that will be 2, 500
You pay 5per cent on the value of the house above 250, 000, that will be 2, 500

So overall this implies you are going to spend 5, 000 (0+2, 500+2, 500).

How does it operate in Scotland?

It's not in fact called stamp responsibility in Scotland anymore. A reform brought in because of the Scottish Government in April 2015 means its now called 'Land and Buildings Transaction taxation'.

But even though the name's changed, the principle hasn't. It really is however a lump-sum taxation that anyone buying a house or land costing over a set amount has to spend. And it's an amazingly comparable system towards the one the rest of the UK utilizes, the main distinction could be the thresholds it utilizes are in various prices.

Listed here is a good example of the way the brand-new Scottish system works, for an example property costing 300, 000.

You spend absolutely nothing below 145, 000, which will be 0
You spend 2per cent on between 145, 000 and 250, 000, that is 2, 100
You pay 5% regarding the worth of the property above 250, 000, that will be 2, 500

So as a whole this implies you'll spend 4, 600 (0+2, 100+2, 500).

What price am I going to need to pay?

Once the cost you pay for a unique property increases, so perform some prices of stamp task. You spend a percentage associated with expense, therefore the rate payable leaps up at a collection of thresholds - but, you only pay the proportion of the purchase price that is actually over the thresholds at the high rate.

What stamp responsibility rate can I spend?

Purchase price

Stamp responsibility price - thereon percentage of the purchase cost

To 125, 000

0per cent

125, 000.01 - 250, 000

2per cent

250, 000.01 - 925, 000


925, 000.01 - 1, 500, 000


1, 500, 000.01 +

12per cent


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