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4 Reasons Repairing Asphalt Is Important

July 11, 2018

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Asphalt seems to be a highly durable choice for paving numerous surfaces, starting from driveways and parking lots and ending with highways. However, such pavement has its weak points. Proper repair and maintenance are the keys to the asphalt’s longevity.

If not handled properly, a small asphalt problem can turn into a costly repair or replacement project. Asphalt experts from ABC Paving & Sealcoating shared the top reasons why asphalt repair is important.

1. Immediate Repair Isn’t Always Possible

If you think a small crack or hole isn’t a problem, you may change your mind in just a few days. Even the smallest asphalt cracks can turn into large potholes with time. While small repair is possible on the spot, large repair projects may need to be delayed due to weather conditions.

It’s always better to make all the repairs while the weather is warm and dry. If your small crack turns into a huge pothole in the winter, you may not be able to repair it properly.

2. Alligator Cracks May Lead To Full Replacement

If you don’t repair asphalt on time, the base layer of the pavement may become damaged. As a result, you’ll see what the experts call alligator cracks (your asphalt will resemble an alligator’s skin).

If the alligator’s skin-like cracks appear, you are bound to find a pothole in the nearest future. If you want to avoid costly repairs, make sure to deal with the cracks before they turn into holes.

3. Oils Spots Are Not Just An Eyesore

If you think oil spots are just an ugly sight, you are wrong. They can damage the pavement. So if you see an oil spot, it’s vital to get rid of it immediately. Oil can damage the binding agent of the asphalt and lead to cracks.

If you want to avoid repairs, you need to use degreasers to scrub the stains away. Large and old oil spots may be hard to remove. In order to deal with them before they cause damage, call an asphalt repair company.

4. Pothole Repair Is Vital To The Pavement’s Longevity

If you missed cracks and other asphalt problems and faced a pothole, you must repair it immediately. Otherwise, the pavement stability and longevity will be compromised.

Potholes are caused by many different factors. The most common reason is freeze-thaw water cycles. If you don’t fix the cracks, water makes its way into the pavement. The freezing and thawing process expands and contracts the asphalt, weakening it overtime.

Weak asphalt wears away quickly and eventually collapses, forming what we call a pothole.

Repairing a pothole is tough but possible. An asphalt repair expert will apply either a temporary or a semi-permanent patch. Both processes are complicated and require professional attention.

Pothole repair is costly. However, it’s much cheaper than full pavement replacement, which you may face by avoiding timely maintenance and repairs.

Costly asphalt repair can be prevented by proper maintenance. Setting up a maintenance schedule can keep the cracks and potholes from appearing and allow your asphalt to last for decades.

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